What has my life become,

a disaster declared by some,

beautiful compared to others,

I can’t breathe and I feel smothered

Lost in where I’m supposed be

Opposed to what I’d like to see

Who am I?

This brings a deepening sigh

The forgiveness I beg is my own.

Inside and out I crave to atone

This constant turmoil, my own self destruction

It came in a form of stress induction

When will it stop, when will I have enough?

When will I say Stop it doesn’t have to be so tough?

Out of the darkness comes the light.

As it shines upon me, I can see, it’s pleasantly bright

The saddess I’ve consumed won’t allow me to bask in this warmth.

I want to give in I want to conform

This inflicting pain plays over and over in my head.

So much left unsaid

Where is the peace, where is the comfort?

Is it just me or have you ever wondered?

As I close my eyes, I’m shocked at how my vision becomes clear.

My heart is well guarded done so out of fear

Understanding this life full of Love

Coming in all directions,especially from above

Where there is no fear, no suffering and pain.

Not I, not anyone has anything to gain

Fear is not of this world, it holds no form.

It only Creates an internal storm

Overtaken by emotions and subdued by hate.

Constantly wondering if this is my fate


Love is Truth and Truth is Love.


And just like that I change my perception, and just like that I change the world!!!


My burden no longer heavy, my cross I do not have to bear.

Feeling the love and learning to care

Forgiven by Christ, acceptance in who I am.

A child of God, I am his lamb

I feel my anxiety lifted and I have no more fears

I will not cry or shed any more tears.

My mind has shifted, accepting and producing this move

Surely there no one who could disapprove

Discovering the ultimate, the treasure, true peace of mind

This took a long time to find

Ironically the awakening occurred when the vision was blurred.

Somethings are not always so clear, they are sometimes obscured.

My 12 step “Daily Life Step” Living Life with Gratitude in Attitude

My 12 Step “Daily Life Steps”  ….Living Life with Gratitude in Attitude”

1.    Giving Thanks! First thing before you even get out of bed. Thank the Devine Spirit!!!  Because of the grace of the Devine Spirit I am able to experience this beautiful journey

Using this affirmation, “Thank you Devine Spirit, for blessing me with “life”.   Thank you for giving me another day to do become who you want me to be.”

Thank you! Amazing how two small words of 5 + 3 = 8 letters total can change your  life? The number 8, by the way, is abundance and prosperity!

2.     Be Grateful!  As I am getting ready to start my day, I Acknowledge what I have and I give thanks to Devine Spirit, and I know that it is mine.   By acknowledging what I have, I understand that the Devine Spirit’s gifts to me are unlimited and there is plenty for all.  I open a channel to receive more.  The Devine Spirit wants us to be happy. 

 I am grateful for all that I have. Using this affirmation, “Thank you for________________”. (person, place or thing)” I Bless you,____________________(person, place or thing), and I Bless the Devine Spirit within you.

 3.    Release!  Eliminate emotions, tangible items, people, things that no longer serve    you.  In order to receive more you have to eliminate something.  We must “refresh or update” our life if we have the same information we continue the same process. By refreshing, you are open to new opportunities and make room to receive more.

“I now release and let go of any relationships, things or situations in my life that are no longer part of my true path”

4.    Give Love!  Practice the art of Giving.  This is a very rewarding way to stay in the flow with the Universe.  When you give generously and graciously expecting nothing in return, it makes you feel good inside. It does not have to cost money.  It can be a hug, a smile, words of encouragement, making someone laugh. When you give from the heart with love and the pure joy of giving, you set in motion…..What you give comes back to you. Without judgment with an open heart.

“I give generously and graciously”

5.    Receive! Receiving is the Balance of Giving.  To continue to be in the flow, and to help others stay in the flow, you must also learn to receive.  Practice receiving Blessings from Your Higher Power; a bird singing, a flower, a friend’s invitation to lunch.

Throughout the day say this little affirmation, “I am open and receive to accept all of the good and the abundance in the Universe.”

6.    Believe and Have Faith! Increase your abundance.  Everything you have in your life can increase.  If you wish to increase your abundance, your thoughts and your words, actions and behaviors will determine what you will increase. If speak of poverty, illness, sadness this too will increase.  The choice is yours.

Say this little affirmation, “I have plenty of _____________(ie: money, clothes, friends, etc.).  You will need to act as if you do as well.   

7.    Be Honest!  Let your words speak Truth.  Words can build you up. Words can bring you down. 

 Be honest, speak with Love, compassion and respect

8.    Change! Change is inevitable. The world and humanity could not evolve if everything stayed the same.   If you want different results you must do things differently. We are creatures of habit.  In order to progress in our success we have to be persistent and consistent.  

My motto is “Don’t make a change, BE THE CHANGE.”

9.     Trust!  Trust the Devine Spirit.  If you believe in the Devine Spirit, you will have the Faith to know that your Devine Spirit is supporting you.  If your intent is pure and you choose to do something for the good of others, Trust and know you are supported.

10. Forgive! Forgiving is a healing for others.  It is also an internal healing and growing requirement in order for us to move forward on our journey.    There is no loss in the Universe.  For every loss there is a gain.  If you have lost your god through some person or situation, let it go and be prepared for a new good to enter your life. (it’s always better) 

“All my good is waiting to be restored to me.  I am open and receptive to receive this restored good.  I give thanks.” 

11.   Be Responsible!  Take responsibility, we mirror what surrounds us, and what surrounds us    mirror us.  This is the Universal Law of responsibility.  We must take responsibility for what is in our life.  When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it.

This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is wholly for the sake of education or learning.

12.   Pray or Meditate!  Pray frequently.  Prayer is your direct line to he Devine Spirit.  You must develop a personal relationship.  He Devine knows all.  Believe that the Devine is with you always. The Devine Spirit IS LOVE.  

“Not only do your pray to ask for things, pray for thanks, because is an ever so gracious Devine Spirit.

It is good to be prosperous! Know that you deserve to be prosperous! Prosperity is your Divine Birthright. You were not born into this lifetime to be a condition of poverty or strife. You were born to be prosperous.   Giving Thanks. Being Grateful, Release, Give Love, Receive, Believe & Faith, .Truth, Change, Trust, Forgive, Be Responsible 

My definition of “Atman is Brahman”

I believe “Atman is Brahman” means that we are all part of the Devine and the Devine is part of us.  Only we allow the hatred, envy, fear and negative attribute to our wellbeing, because we are in fact true and eternal created of Love. 

I believe that I am containing “God” within me that it is through me that he known.  I believe that through my actions and my words acting only in Love that I am the light that the light has been there all along.   I was looking around, up and down and once I began to look inward, in my heart that I eventually was able to comprehend that I am a part of “God” not just his child, but in likeness, in his image.  I believe that in the Bible, that Jesus Christ was telling us all along that we are,  just as he, God’s child.  We just made it so complex, while really it is very simple. 

    Not everything requires an answer instantly, nor will we all agree or grasp the same concept of the movie part we play.  I think we are all main actors.  We are just too busy looking at the fancy light show and all the other stars to notice how Awesome and unique we are individually, but never losing sight in the light that we shine, however it’s better and brighter together, understanding how we are all connected. 


  All actions have a purpose. Our actions are not random; we are always trying

to achieve something, although we may not be aware of what that is.

  Every behavior has a positive intention. Behind each behavior there is a

positive intention. This may be the anticipation of pleasure or avoidance of

pain. People want to achieve something that they value and which benefits


  The unconscious mind balances the conscious, it is not malicious.. The

unconscious is everything that is not in consciousness at the present

moment. It contains all the resources we need to live in balance.

                   How might these statements affect your experience?

At the current situation in my life, I am trying to grow spiritually and develope a better thinking process and becoming more positive.  It seems once you try to change or modify your behavoir that the entire support system you have has completely turned against your betterment as a plot of destruction.  Now that is an overexaggerated statement that i used.  I do however feel that way at times.  With that being said if I used the statements #4, 5 & 6 in relating to this circumstances, it could help me be able to understand the behavoir of others towards me and my lack of control as far as dealing with the constant negativity.  

                   How could these impact your responses to the situation?

I can learn to work on my automatic responses.  I do have a point to where I can no longer agree or sit in silence as I am ridiculed and persistently the cause of the attribution my family tends to continue to act upon.  I can take a longer count than ten.  I can also begin to understand that possibly they are not even consciously aware of the fact that they do have a positive intention. Although they have no ideal that its hidden.  It can help me become more diligent in not reacting to the madness.   It can help too that i understand that my behavior also has a purpose and that i am trying to achieve something as well and by reacting to this negative assumptions I am only relaying it just as much as they are.  

                   Would these guidelines create change in the situation and/or you?

Yes it would.  I have tried to incorporate the positive thinking and all sorts of tools i have learned in all my classes thus far.  Where it has been a failed attempt(s).  I can only continue to try and succeed.  I also learn patience by knowing that the unconscious mind is not malicious.  By understanding that it contains all the resources we need to live in balance.  Everyday i learn more patience and eventually will be able to apply all the tools to my life and utilize them with the ones that need it just as much as i do.

The difference between weight management and hypnosis

•       similarities and differences between weight management programs and hypnotherapy.

People are constantly striving to lose weight about 75% of Americans want to lose weight and are not looking to exercise or eat right.  In fact they are looking for an instant loss.  They are wanting a miracle diet plan with little or no effort what so ever. In fact there are literally over 100 different diets and diet aids that claim that they can do just that.  Assist you in losing weight with no effort on your part. Even enticing people to think they are eating healthy by using vegetable names or other healthy vitamin names.  So people in turn think that they are doing something healthy are actually hurting themselves by inducing these diets. They have doctors and nurses that will back up just about each and every aide out there.  They have so many different ways to lose weight.  If you walk into a grocery store there are well over 100 pills out there to aide in diets.  They have clothes that help you assist in losing weight. Causing you to sweat and thus dropping pounds.    They have so many diets out there.  They range from not healthy to not so healthy to somewhat healthy to healthy.  From diet pills, diet wraps to diet drinks, food, snacks you name it they have it. hey all seem to have a specialist who can back it up and say that it works.  One o America’s worst epidemics is obesity.  We live in a world where time is not valued run out.  Society spends time…….. chasing time.  We spend much time on the go, much money on “fast” food.  

Over the counter weight loss pills. prescription medicines,herbal medicines and other dietary supplements they are tools to assist you with weight loss. There is relatively little research about the products.  In 2014 a study revealed 21 long term trails of prescription drugs in treating obesity.  They concluded that when making appropriate changes in eating habits and other life style changes prescription  weight loss increases the the chances of achieving weight loss goals within a year .  The researchers refer to this as “Clinically Meaningful”meaning enough weight loss to begin lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases-generally defined as 5% or more of body weight.  Also, possible side effects and adverse reactions to weight loss products could effect the outcome.  Researchers know less  about the potential benefits and risks of the over the counter weight loss products.

Truth of the matter is there is no magic potion or spell. Being health conscious and making healthy choices. Begin to be more physically active.  Exercise is  a healthy conscious choice.  Hypnotherapy offering suggestive healthy eating habits and suggesting becoming more physically active.  It does not require a prescription.  Hypnosis can aide you in eating better choice of foods.  Eating a low-calorie diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and be physically active.

  According to Georgia age 28 tried numerous techniques to lose weight unsuccessful.  She attempted hypnosis and lost 30 pounds according to an article written by Charlotte Anderson in Shape Magazine.  Leaving me with the fact that instead of inducing potentially unhealthy drugs simply change your habits using the most healthiest of choices to assist you and change your lifestyle.  Hypnotherapy is safe and requires only your willingness to want the change .

In 1986, using hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment conducted by Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that it was  over 30 times effective.  2 Years later Clients continued to lose weight according to the study. Stating that they lost more than 90 % more than others and kept it off.   Also positive result on quitting smoking and pain management as well.  This can be found on the website

Freedom from addiction the holistic approach

Life can be challenging, the pain and anxiety of loss, disappointment, separation, alienation frustration or loneliness can develop into habits or addictions.   This natural impulse is to take whatever actions necessary to relieve the distress.  Every individual has specific intentions and desires, which we strive to manifest through our choices and actions. When an individual seeks change in their emotional state and they do not know how to create the change from within, they will reach for outside resources.  Addiction behaviors are attempts to neutralize uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.  Psychoactive chemical change a individuals mood or emotion, but this is only temporary.  Once the effect has worn off you are left with the discontent, discomfort, or the distress often leaves you worse than it was before by adding guilt.  The individual then has the choice to seek a different route or continue this temporary relief.  Thus, using the temporary relief becomes the way of life named addiction.

          Using a therapeutic approach, aides an individual in developing a new perspective.  This involves acknowledgement that despite the challenges life offers you are a co-creator of your destiny.  Through the inward journey, we discover this state of being gives rise to and transcends us into our individuality. Offering meditation as the core for healing and transformation. Through this process you will find a new person emerge, expanding our sense of self.  The power of silence opens doors to discovering new solutions to old problems and free an individual from the life of constricting patterns.  Meditation provides benefits to changing your physical, psychological and spiritual self.  Meditation is helpful is helping one seeking to discover freedom from the prison of addiction.  Physical ailments such as anxiety and depression reduces the level of emotional commotion by quieting the inner dialogue that generates turbulence.  We will create emotional stability through the day, eventually creating and enhancing the overall quality of one’s life. 

          Individuals carry the residue of a toxic belief, thus limiting yourself and your ability to generate success, happiness and love.  Elimination toxins allows an individual to begin nourishing sense, enhancing and providing effective healing. Detoxifying your mind and body will help you to redirect your energy and restore balance and harmony.  Whereas outside resources provide only momentary relief and fail to serve deeper personal needs.  The overall process provides an individual with self-empowerment.  You will remove the quality of life and eliminate life harming alternatives.  Understanding that you have the power and creativity to change, you will gain the emotional freedom from addiction.

Emotional blocks and essential oils

Emotional blocks affect many different people.  Most of the time people are unaware of this.  This plays a major role in our life.  Our core beliefs have a lot to do with this.  Your physical body and your spiritual body are all effected.  Mind, body and spirit its all one.  Not one is separate.  

It’s a matter of a balance among all.  Our emotions can cause many different issues with our physical wellbeing.  Essential oils can help aid in progressing past these emotional blocks.  By heightening our spiritual level with essential oils we can have many positive effects in our growth.  Prosperity is an abundance peace, love and happiness.  

It may not mean the same to all people.  But prosperity can be acquired reaching a physical balance.  The essential oils can help us spiritually and physically to get past the emotional blocks.

I believe in a Higher Power, a Devine Power.  I always say a prayer asking for guidance and asking that I am able to give the client the most accurate session possible with the love of the Devine.  I have to say that there are many times that I am nervous before my session with the client and as I reflect back I think wow the Devine surely was with me.  I have surprised myself and been at awe when the Devine provides me with such profound results from a session.  I think you can use the change protocol in many different areas.  I think you would be able to address many physical issues if the client were having any.  Bringing the client into awareness is the first step of change.

My truth

 In my own personal journey, it was long road for me achieve the balance and harmony in my own life.  Growing up in a abusive home life, my relationships were based on traumas I suffered from as a child, leading right into abusive relations my whole life.  Suffering was a natural, expected process and I was convinced this was just how it was.   I have had struggles with finances, relationships, family issues, and addictions, tragedies, disconnected from the world.  Learning self-love was a hurdle I would eventually clear.  The concept of managing my personal life, my role as a single parent raising two teens on a fixed income and trying to acquire and education to begin a business in my passion sometimes seemed impossible.  I longed for the balance the sense of achieving greatness.  In trying to balance it all I realized if I want to give a 100% in what I do I can’t juggle all the roles I was playing.  If I was giving 100% to one role I ultimately was neglect the other roles I played.  I had to retrain my pattern of thinking. Retrain my brain.  I was complicating my dream my goals by trying to achieve perfect balance in the literal verbiage.  Perfect balance comes from your willingness to give, controlling your obsession.  Giving 100% in whatever you do.  You have to obsess over success, you can’t settle for meritocracy, we are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seed of greatness.  Perfect balance is finding the ability to achieve you input of 100% BUT NOT TAKING FROM THE OTHER ROLE, BECAUSE ITS IS ALL STEMMING FROM THE SAME DESIRE. As I am still on my journey I have an hour glass with a simple stream falling down, but yet filling up, there is more truth in this than you can understand. I am soon to be an successful entrepreneur.  While pursuing my purpose, I not only found out who I am, but I found what I love to do and how I can provide others with the tools and skills enabling them to find their balance between the mind, body and spirit.  Blessed be, Marie

My view of death

My view on Death

So I read a post today of someone lashing out at God, because they lost a loved one.  I can relate to questioning the reason? Trying to comprehend why “I” felt that this person was taken from me prematurely.  Asking God Why he did this to “me”? “I” had so much to learn from this person, so much to understand.  I thought it was going to be different.  This was not what I had planned. The saying “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, today is your gift, treasure it”, will ring true to this day.  We say it all the time but do mean it? If you did you would actually begin to see the beauty instead of the hate.  Death is inevitable.  When is undetermined.  How is undetermined.  Have we ever thought of changing the way you look at it.  How simply beautiful life is.    All is required is a different view.  When your doctor tells you some news you don’t want to do…..what do you do?  Get a different view.  You ask somebody else to validate his perception.  God gave you a Angel, but only on borrowed time.  We are all on borrowed time.  Tomorrow is not promised, never was, why you would even need to say that.  You know this. So why not be grateful for every second you had.  Why not thank God for blessing you with a loved one’s presence.  For even being one of the few that knew this person personally.  Because if you are still mourning, obviously this person, this Angel played a big role in your life while on their own personal journey in life.  Thank You God.  And you must find all the you’re left with and keep that person alive in all you do.  There is a purpose for everything.  Life and death, love and hate, pain and bliss…….find the love in your pain, and the pain in your love.  I sometimes had wondered myself why God chose to take my grandson Jasiah from us, when I realized how very selfish of me.  I had asked, pleaded and beg God to wake me up.  What did I do, we do any one do to deserve this pain.  I was trying to find a reason to this madness.  I failed to realize that I was never promised anything.  There are no guarantees.  We say this all the time that we are on borrowed time, yet when it affects us then we have a problem.  Why, and what gives anyone the right to blame God, when the beauty is that you knew that person at all.  Instead of looking how terrible it is that they are gone.  Look through the clouds of darkness and see how lucky you were in the first place.  How blessed you were that God allowed you to know this person.  

About five years ago, my grandfather was in the hospital dying of cancer.  Me and my kids and my mom were there as he was basically exhausting his lungs.  Eventually one breath would be his last.  As I held his hands these last hours I talked to him.  I know he tried to talk to me as well.  I couldn’t understand him.  But as we were gazing in each other’s eyes I kinda knew what he wanted to tell me.  Or I was just thinking I did.  Either way it helped me have closure.  I remember when he took that last breath, I turned to look outside it was pouring rain.  A black crow was on the ledge of the window. It turned looked at me and flew away.  I thought to myself well that’s odd, a crow, in the pouring rain.  Hmm, it had to be my grandpa telling me he is free from hurt.  When we left the hospital we had dropped off the kids at home and my mom and I were going to the nursing home to tell my grandma.  My mom had to have my grandma in the hospital while my grandpa was sick.  So in the parking lot her and I are arguing over who will tell “mother”, this is what I called my grandma what everyone calls her.  So we walk in and my grandmother said, “your daddy came to tell me goodbye”, I remember being in shock, she said he came and said he had to go it was time and he loved me and will be waiting till my journey was over.  Amazed and maybe confused.  I thought this is so beautiful.  I remember reading the love letters he would write her from the war. I read to my grandma again, she was blind by this time.  I remember crying like a baby and mother telling me how much he loved her and her him.  After this date I lost several more family members.  When it came time for my grandma, she called all of us into the hospital.  She told everyone what she needed.  Some very unexplainable things occurred that day as well.  I was the second to last one, mother explained to me she was tired and she was ready to be with my grandpa.  She had been waiting.  She showed be how beautiful the process of death can be.  It a part of life. And she brightened what I had feared my entire life.  I gave her a hug and kiss and eft her and my mom there.  My mom would stay until the end.  I know to this day that she prepared me for something I would never have been able to process had it not been for her.  My grandson passed away at 4 months from S.I.D.S., my daughter holding his lifeless body begging me to do something.  All I could do was nothing.  Frozen still, numb, trying to remain calm.  I think the rest was some sort of a fog.  It wasn’t until three months later that I would be able to understand how this was possible.  I went to church after ten years and God spoke to me.  I have it all journaled because I could not believe it and did not want to forget none of it.  But it would change my life forever.  I now know how to accept death and be grateful for what gift I had.  I now know that my grandmother knew exactly what she was doing. Even in her death she was teaching me things.  The most beautiful person I know, “Golden May Yardley” AKA, “Mother”

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